How we’re bringing the Euros spirit to life.

How we’re bringing the Euros spirit to life.

The roar of the crowd, the nail-biting tension, the shared elation of a goal – the Euro 2024 tournament is in full swing, and across the UK, our pubs have transformed into havens for football fanatics. But for Stonegate Pub Partners and Craft Union pubs, it's not just about showing the matches. These establishments are undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis, adorning their spaces with the colours and energy of the Euros, and in doing so, are creating an experience that goes far beyond the final score.

More Than Just a Match: The Power of Pub Decorations

We all know the magic of pub culture. It's a place to unwind with friends, catch up on the latest gossip, and lose yourself in the camaraderie of a shared experience. But during major sporting events, pubs take on a special role. They become extensions of the stadium, a place where the collective energy of the supporters reaches a fever pitch.

Stonegate Pub Partners and Craft Union understand this transformative power. By decking their pubs in Euros finery – team flags snapping in the breeze, murals depicting iconic players adorning the walls, and the unmistakable buzz of anticipation filling the air – they're not simply decorating, they're setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

(The Rose and Crown, Worthing)

These decorations are more than just visual treats. They're a physical manifestation of the passion that unites football fans. Walking into a pub adorned with Euros décor is like stepping into a world entirely dedicated to the beautiful game. It's a subtle invitation to shed your inhibitions, dons your team colours (or at least grab a novelty hat!), and join the celebration.

Beyond the Beautiful Game: Building Community Through Shared Experience

The Euros transcend the confines of the pitch. They're a tournament steeped in national pride, a chance to celebrate not just individual players, but the spirit of a country united behind a common goal (pun intended). Stonegate and Craft Union pubs understand this too. By embracing the Euros theme, they're not just creating an atmosphere for watching matches, they're fostering a sense of community.

The eruption of cheers that unites strangers in a moment of triumph, the commiseration after a heartbreaking defeat – these are the moments that bind us together. The pub, adorned in the colours of the Euros, becomes a neutral ground where these shared experiences can blossom.

This sense of community transcends the duration of the tournament itself. The friendships forged over shared Euros memories, the connections made through the camaraderie of the pub, all contribute to a lasting sense of belonging. Even after the final whistle has blown, the pub that embraced the Euros spirit will continue to be a place where these connections are nurtured, fostering a stronger, more vibrant community.

(The Vine Sale, Manchester)

A Legacy Beyond the Euros

The Euros may only come around every four years, but the impact of Stonegate Pub Partners and Craft Union's commitment to themed decorations will have a lasting effect. These pubs have shown the power of creating an immersive and engaging environment, one that fosters a sense of community and celebrates the beautiful game in all its glory.

Beyond the Euros, these pubs have set a precedent for how to leverage themed decorations to create a truly special experience for their patrons. Whether it's a local beer festival, a pub quiz night, or a charity event, the lessons learned from the Euros – the importance of community, shared passion, and creating a welcoming atmosphere – can be applied to future events, ensuring that Stonegate and Craft Union pubs remain the go-to destination for all things fun and celebratory.

But what if you could create this magic yourself? Have you ever dreamt of running your own pub, becoming a pillar of your community, and celebrating not just the Euros, but every occasion with your patrons? Stonegate Pub Partners and Craft Union offer a unique opportunity to do just that.

Don't just watch the Euros at the pub, run the pub that becomes a Euros destination! Take the first step towards becoming your own Euros hero, and a leader in your community.