​​​​​​​​Our people​​​

Encouraging wellbeing at work

We encourage our people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Enterprise offers the opportunity to benefit from discounted membership through national and local gyms and leisure centres.

We have a popular 'bike to work' scheme whereby we contribute to the purchase price of a bike to use to come to work.

We offer private medical and dental insurance, a health screening service and a confidential Employee Assistance Programme.

Healthy eating at work​

Our employee and visitor rest​aurant menus are regularly reviewed to make sure healthy options are always available.

Employee engagement

We are committed to ensuring Enterprise is 'a great place to work' and as part of that strategy we regularly ask our employees for their views and suggestions via our Employee Engagement Survey.

Investors in people​

In recognition of our employment policies, we have attained the prestigious accolade of Investors in People Champion.

Employment policies​

The Group's employment policies and procedures are described in detail in its Staff Handbook, which is available to all employees on its internal information portal. This handbook takes account of relevant employment legislation and best practice. New policies, procedures and related training are developed as required. The Group's anti-bribery and corruption code of conduct sets out how Group employees, publicans and suppliers must act to ensure that our zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption is upheld.


We are committed to equal opportunities and the creation of an entirely non-discriminatory working environment. The aim of our diversity policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment because of, amongst other matters, gender, marital status, race, age, sexual preference, religion, belief or disability. All decisions are based on the merits of the individual concerned. The Group is dedicated to undertaking its business operations in a way that respects individual human rights, treats individuals with dignity and allows freedom of association.

We give full consideration to applications for employment from disabled persons where the requirements of the job can be adequately fulfilled by people with disabilities. We endeavour to retain the employment of, and arrange suitable retraining for, any employee who becomes disabled during their employment as well as providing training, career development and promotion to disabled employees wherever appropriate.​

Employee development and training

We are committed to training and developing all of our colleagues. We place great importance on developing skills and potential in order to support our colleagues, harness talent and drive business performance. Wherever possible we endeavour to fill our vacancies through internal progression. Training is provided in a number of ways, through on the job coaching, formal training courses, e-learning, coaching and mentoring. We also sponsor a number of our colleagues in studying for appropriate professional qualifications.


Emphasis is placed on effective communication regarding matters that may affect employees and the overall performance of the Group. Employee engagement is met through a variety of means, including regular briefings and team meetings. The Group's internal information portal is also widely used to ensure employees are regularly updated on developments and news; feedback is encouraged. In addition, the Group regularly publishes "Deals & Ideas" (also available on the Company's website) which contains items of news, current affairs and information relevant to employees and publicans.

Share schemes

We encourage employee ownership of Company shares through the provision of a Save As You Earn scheme in which 168 employees have entered into savings contracts, at the end of which they are entitled to purchase​ shares at a 20% discount to the market price of the shares at the time of the issue of the options. We also have the Share Incentive Plan in which 206 employees have purchased shares out of pre-tax income up to statutory limits that are held in a trust. The Company currently offers matching share awards to employees purchasing shares in accordance with the Share Incentive Plan.


To enhance our employees working lives we operate a flexible benefits platform that gives our colleagues the opportunity to access additional benefits in a tax efficient way. The benefits range from leisure club membership to child-care vouchers.

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