​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our publicans​ ​

Enterprise encourages positive working relationships and enduring partnerships with our publicans. In line with the entire industry, we are committed to fair, transparent and lawful dealing with our publicans. 

​Code of Practice

Our Code of Practice has 'benchmarked' status from the British Institute of Innkeeping Benchmarking and Accreditation Services under which we manage relationships with publicans. Training is arranged to provide support to our publicans and to develop business potential and we seek to ensure that appropriate and reasonable actions have been implemented across the pub estate to ensure our publicans comply with discrimination legislation. 

​Business support

We want to ensure new publicans are as prepared as possible to run their new pub, whether new to the industry or just taking on another pub. We require all new publicans to complete a Pre-Entry Awareness Training course run by the British Institute of Innkeeping.

We have an industry leading induction programme called The First 100 Days to offer intensive help and support to our new publicans.

All our publicans can benefit from a suite of free business development and training courses ranging from Pub Food Development, Understanding Finance through to Profit through People.

Marketing support​

Throughout the year we offer our publicans special deals and online ordering promotions to help them part-finance trade building and footfall increasing initiatives in their pubs.

We provide extensive help, advice and collateral to support our publicans build their business including handy 'How to make the most of guides' on everything from pub beer gardens to quiz nights as well as an impressive range of point of sale material including banners and posters.

Publican mentoring

We have recently introduced a publican mentoring service for new publicans who need additional help and support to establish their business. This support is provided by some of our most experienced and successful publicans. Being able to easily have access to advice or to simply bounce ideas off a fellow publican is invaluable.


We have developed an apprenticeship programme to support our publicans promote the industry by developing talented team members. We are committed to supporting our industry in attracting and training the right people for the future.

We currently have well over 5,000 pubs, 130 apprenticeships have been created by Enterprise publicans in the past year.

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