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Your guide to the applicant channel

Your guide to the Applicant Channel

The Applicant Channel is our online portal for new pub applications. It has been specially designed to give you all the help and support you need. Below you'll find a guide on the main features on how it will help you through your journey to finding your ideal new pub business and  becoming a pub partner with us.


You can register/ login to the Applicant Channel using the button below. Once you've registered you will receive a verification email. Simply click on the link to verify your email and login to the Applicant Channel.

Create / log in to your applicant dashboard

My Dashboard

Once you have logged in you will be taken to your dashboard. You can search for a pub, manage favourites and view messages here. Any current or recent applications can be accessed on the dashboard and will be available for up to 6 months from completion.


Search for a pub

Here you will find a selection of our feature pubs and you can also widen or narrow your search criteria and save your searches.


Favourite pubs

Here you will find your favourite pubs – you can find out more information, compare or add more.


My applications

'My Applications' button will be displayed for each application you have. You can see at a quick glance which stage you're at in the process and access your Timeline from here. 

The 'My Applications' button will only appear for any new applications created.


To view your 'Timeline' click on 'View Timeline' in the 'My Applications' button. 

The 'Timeline' details all the steps and actions that need to be carried out to begin your exciting career as a publican.

The 'Timeline' automatically opens at the stage you are currenlty at within the journey.

You can access any actions from here such as read important application information, upload key documents, access your elearning portal or your profile.

Any documents uploaded here can also be seen in the Profile page.

You can see a further explanation of how to complete the step by clicking on the '?' symbol.

Any completed steps will have a green tick next to them.

Milestones highlight the key actions that need to be done to complete the stage.


Here we will post you messages and show you some of the great deals and support you will receive as a publican

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