Cheers to a Revamped Local: The Top House Reopens with Craft Union

Cheers to a Revamped Local: The Top House Reopens with Craft Union

We have another amazing Craft Union pub open, trading, and ready to join the Craft family! The latest pub to join Craft Union is the Top House, Winsford. This historic pub has been a mainstay in the Winsford community for over a century, and we're thrilled to welcome them aboard.

Pub with a storied past

The Top House has a fascinating history. Originally renamed for its location at the top of a hill, the pub celebrated its 100th birthday in 1994 with a truly unique party. Beer was served at the staggeringly low price of 2 pence – that's right, 2 pence! The Mayor himself attended the festivities, unveiling a commemorative plaque that still hangs proudly in the bar today. Unlike many pubs, the Top House has remained a constant presence, serving not only the Winsford community but also the town's dedicated football supporters. We're honoured to have such a historic pub join our ranks.

Meet your new host, Kerry!

The Top House welcomes a fantastic new Operator in Kerry. Born and raised in nearby Crewe, Kerry practically grew up in pubs. Her grandparents ran a local pub in Winsford, and Kerry spent her childhood soaking up the warm atmosphere and strong sense of community. After working in Crewe pubs for eight years, she's had the privilege of serving many of her grandparents' regulars and hearing their cherished stories. For the past year and a half, Kerry has honed her skills at the bustling Grand Junction pub in Crewe town centre, all part of the Craft Union family.

Here's what Kerry has to say about her exciting new opportunity at the Top House: "The friendly banter and the social aspects of working in a local pub are what truly energize me. Getting to know the customers and chatting with them daily is what makes this job so special. Building strong relationships is key! I've been working towards my goal of running a community pub for years, and I finally achieved my personal license three years ago. Having lived in Winsford for a while, I already know the area and the fantastic community spirit. I can't wait to reconnect with old friends and get to know all the new faces!"

Kerry's passion for hospitality and her deep understanding of the local community make her a perfect fit for the Top House. With her at the helm, we're confident that the pub will continue to thrive as a welcoming hub for Winsford residents.

A fresh look for a beloved pub

We've invested significantly in the Top House to ensure it thrives for many years to come. The pub's exterior has been given a stylish makeover, sporting a striking new blue color scheme and signage that complements the classic red brick facade. The result? A visually appealing pub that retains its historic charm while projecting a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

The garden area has been transformed into a delightful outdoor space with comfortable seating and a covered shelter, perfect for enjoying a drink in the sunshine or catching up with friends on a warm summer evening. Step inside, and you'll find a welcoming pub interior that's been beautifully redecorated. New carpets, refurbished seating, and comfortable loose furniture create a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for relaxing after a long day or enjoying a night out with friends.

A hub for aspiring champions and sports enthusiasts

Aspiring darts champions can hone their skills on the brand-new Craft Union darts board, a fantastic addition for those who enjoy a bit of friendly competition. The pub's existing pool table remains a focal point for sports fans, providing a space to unwind and enjoy a friendly game. To ensure you never miss a big game or sporting event, a large screen projector has been installed above the pool table. Whether it's the Euros this summer or the next Premier League match, you can catch all the action in style at the Top House.

Upgrades for enhanced service and convenience

The bar area has also received an upgrade, with a new upper back fitting creating a dedicated space for the advertising TV. This not only enhances the pub's aesthetics but also improves functionality for Kerry and her team, ensuring a smooth and efficient service for all customers.

The pub retains its two-room layout, offering a space for every mood. The lounge/snug area, located to the left as you enter, provides a warm and inviting space perfect for relaxing with a drink and catching up with friends on a cosy night. The space is equipped with a full Sky/TNT package and new TVs, ensuring you never miss the latest sports headlines or your favourite program.

More than just a pub: a community hub

The Top House is more than just a place to grab a drink; it's a community hub where people can connect, socialize, and enjoy themselves. Under Kerry's leadership and with Craft Union's support, the Top House is poised to become an even more cherished part of the Winsford community. Whether you're a local resident, a sports fan, a music lover, or simply looking for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the Top House has something for everyone.

Are you feeling inspired by Kerry's journey and the revitalisation of the Top House? Perhaps you have a dream of running your own pub and creating a vibrant community hub. If you possess a passion for hospitality and a vision for creating a welcoming space, we at Craft Union want to hear from you! We offer a supportive network and resources to help aspiring pub operators like Kerry achieve their goals. Reach out to us today, and together, we can turn your pub dream into a reality. Let's create the next success story within the Craft Union family!