Get Your Pub Euros-Ready: A Guide for the Next England Match!

Get Your Pub Euros-Ready: A Guide for the Next England Match!

The Euros are well underway, and with England storming into the quarter-finals, it's even more crucial your pub is prepped for the surge of excited fans! This guide is for you, pub managers, publicans, and operators, to ensure your customers return for every epic match, even if England takes a while to, ahem, get started.

Be the Beer Boss: Stock Up for Victory

With England's success, beer sales are booming! Have you reviewed your stock to meet the demand? Consider offering Euros-themed drink specials or limited-edition cocktails to boost sales. Don't forget the snacks: crisps, peanuts, and other pub classics are a must-have.

Euros Atmosphere: Your Pub is the Fan Zone!

Your pub should already be kitted out, but you can amp up the Euros spirit even more! Hang bunting, team scarves, and get creative with themed table decorations or even a photo booth with fun props like face paint and oversized foam fingers.

Here are some ideas to Take Your Pub to the Next Level:

  • Scarf Spectacular: Drape England scarves around chairs or create a "scarf wall" for fans to display their colours.

  • Themed Table Transformation: Use tablecloths in competing nations' colours or create centrepieces featuring miniature footballs and team badges. Fun touches like themed napkins and beer mats add an extra layer of detail.

  • Photo Booth Fun: Set up a photo booth with a fun backdrop and silly props for fans to capture their Euros memories.

The Beautiful Game on the Big Screen

Does everyone have a clear view of the action? This is a crucial question to ask yourself as a pub owner, publican or operator during the Euros. A cluttered pub layout, strategically awkward furniture placement, or even just a single rogue pillar can turn a potentially prime spot into a viewing nightmare. Frustrated fans who can't see the game are less likely to order another round, let alone stay for the entire match.

Entertainment: Extend the Euphoria

The final whistle is just the beginning! Don't let the post-match buzz fizzle out. Here's how to keep the party going:

  • Planned Post-Match Entertainment: Have live music, DJs, or even pub quizzes lined up to start right after the game. This gives fans a reason to stay, celebrate the victory (or commiserate the loss) together, and keep those drinks flowing.

  • Interactive Activities: Fuel the competitive spirit with interactive games. Think penalty shoot-out challenges, Euro-themed trivia nights, or prediction contests for the next match. Offer prizes to add to the excitement and keep fans engaged.

Security: Ensure a Safe and Secure Environment

A safe environment is paramount for a successful Euros experience. Here's how to ensure everyone feels comfortable:

  • Increased Security Presence: Consider having security personnel arrive earlier than usual on match days. This deters any potential troublemakers and allows for a more controlled environment as crowds build up.

  • Clear Communication with Security: Brief your security team on potential scenarios and ensure they're familiar with the pub's layout and emergency protocols. A well-coordinated security team creates a sense of safety for staff and customers alike.

Staffing Levels: Gear Up for the Sales Rush

The Euros are a goldmine for pubs! Here's how to maximize your staffing for peak efficiency:

  • Early Staff Arrival: Encourage staff to come in earlier on match days. This allows for better pre-game preparation, smoother service delivery, and quicker response times to customer requests.

  • Selling Powerhouse Staff: Schedule your most experienced and sales-oriented staff for busy Euros matches. Their expertise in handling large crowds and upselling drinks will ensure a profitable experience.

Social Media: Amplify the Euros Buzz

Social media is a powerful tool to create hype and attract customers. Keep your followers updated with pre-match hype, live commentary during the game, and post-match reactions. Share photos and videos of the pub's atmosphere, special offers, and happy fans.

By following these steps, you'll create an unforgettable Euros experience for your customers. Remember, a well-prepared pub with a vibrant atmosphere, efficient service, and exciting entertainment is the recipe for a successful and profitable Euros tournament! Come on England! 🏆