Leased & Tenancy

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Our leased & tenancy agreements are what puts the ‘partner’ into Stonegate Pub Partners. We go into it together, with you providing the creative vision and passion, and us providing the support to make it happen. With a network of people to give you that helping hand whenever you need it, you can rest easy knowing we’re always there to help keep your dream business booming.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your pub into what you want it to be – not at all! There are no limitations to your business – if you fancy being the sports hero bringing that stadium spark to your community, then we’ll be cheering from the stands; if you’re a food fanatic hungry for a way to showcase your skills, we’ll be there to help get it all dished up; even if you want a few extra takings, we’ve got the perfect inns and taverns to help you become a letting-rooms legend.

With excellent levels of service and support, we’re a trusted partner to dive into your new business with – it really is what we do best!

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Your Perfect Partnership

Peace of mind

Running a pub can be tough, but we’re here to make it as smooth as can be. With options like 5-year fixed agreements, you’ll have the security to be able to focus on what matters. Plus, our free BII membership gives you access to industry advice, a helpful charity, and the Pubs Code to protect your business.

Grow your business

The potential for endless profits and the chance to become a multi-site operator are all within reach – and it all starts with your pub. Choose from our diverse portfolio of over 3,000 pubs (the UK's largest!) and start running your pub your way. You can grow it into whatever you want it to be and reap the rewards from your success.

Tools for success

Boost your pub into a winning business with all the tools and teamwork you need. Get expert guidance from a dedicated regional manager and our pub support teams, learn the ropes with a 2-day induction, and access free online training and a marketing club to keep your pub thriving.

Your vision

Unleash your inner entrepreneur and be your own boss with the flexibility of choosing the tenancy agreement to suit you. With the freedom to run your pub the way you want to, this is your perfect chance to turn your vision into reality.