How to Run a Pub

How to Run a Pub

So, you're thinking about running your own pub? Whether you’re a seasoned hospitality pro or a newbie with a passion for pints, here's our straightforward guide to start your journey with Stonegate Pub Partners. 

Choosing the Right Pub 

First things first, find a pub that matches your vision. We offer a variety of options, from bustling city pubs to cosy countryside inns. Consider the location, target audience, and style of pub you want to run. 

Understanding Pub Partnerships 

We offer three partnership agreements tailored to different needs and aspirations: 

  • Leased & Tenanted: Perfect if you want to run the pub your way, with flexible agreements and support. 

  • Operator-led: Craft Union is ideal for those who prefer a community-focused pub with a proven business model. 

  • Commercial Properties: For the more entrepreneurial, offering complete freedom in running your pub. 

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Getting Started 

Once you’ve chosen your pub, we help you hit the ground running with: 

  • Marketing Support: Personalised opening packs and ongoing promotional materials.

  • Training: Comprehensive training programs to equip you with the skills needed to run a successful pub. 

  • Dedicated Support: A regional manager to guide you through the process. 

Building a Community 

A successful pub is the heart of its community. Engage with locals, host events, and create a welcoming atmosphere. We offer tools and best practices to help you foster a loyal customer base.

Financial Management and Compliance 

Understanding your finances is crucial. As part of Stonegate, you’ll gain membership to the BII (British Institute of Innkeeping), which offers extensive support and resources to help you navigate financial and compliance challenges. We provide insights into forecasting and managing your pub’s turnover. Keep track of your expenses, plan for seasonal fluctuations, and always have a financial buffer. Additionally, ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest regulations regarding health, safety, and licensing to avoid any legal hiccups.

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Running a pub is rewarding but challenging, but now you've read the basics, you're ready to begin your journey. With passion, dedication, and the right support, you can turn your pub into a thriving community hub. Stonegate Pub Partners is there every step of the way, ensuring you have the tools and guidance needed for success. 

Ready to make your pub dream a reality? Find your perfect pub and take the first step towards your pub-owning journey!

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